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We have been in this business since 2006 and have shaved and rolled just about every bat on the market. Over came all the challenges of keeping current to insure quality work went out the door. I had been burned by other sites in the past and I know others have just by reading the forums and also non shaved bats we have received here at Big Dawg. All the sites I looked at did not give me a warm and fuzzy about sending my bats there. I wanted to make a site that was genuine and conveyed the passion for the game that I have. I wanted to make a site that I would go to and trust my bats with. I believe the site I created expressed that message with honest information that explains the processes that I know work.

Big Dawg Bat Rolling

Bat Shaving is a modification that will increase batted ball distances from 30-60ft. The inner composite of the bat's walls are shaved down making the wall smaller. A thinner barrel will cause more flex and propel a softball or baseball significantly farther. It also expands the sweet spot by 40%. By altering a bat it makes the associations stamp's invalid as the bat now goes past the batted ball mph guideline. A shaved bat is a superb confidence builder or Homerun derby bat.

Bat Shaving

Bat rolling is proven to add 20-40 ft to a batted ball; it will also lengthen the sweet spot up to 20%. A bat rolling machine will splinter the composite material within the walls of the bat by increasing pressure while rolling. A bat is put between the rollers, the upper rollers are rotated down, and the side handle spins the lower roller and bat. As the rollers rotate they place pressure all the way around the barrel. This continual pressure and spinning crushes the composite fibers causing a trampoline effect when a ball strikes the barrel. And now you have a hot bat ready for its full potential.

Bat Rolling

Bat Rolling Improvements

Bat Rolling Process

In the early years of rolled bats there was only one way to roll; perpendicular followed by parallel. But now rolling a bat is not the only process used to break in a bat. Here at Big Dawg we are able to utilize the entire arsenal of accelerated break in techniques for the most complete game ready bat. We have mastered each one of these techniques: Heated bat rolling, Perpendicular, Parallel, Electric Bat Rolling Machine and NBI (Natural Break in). Here at Big Dawg we are rolling bats using multiple methods for the most complete break in available. We are the only company that takes this approach with their bat rolling service; this is why Big Dawg is considered THE BAT ROLLING AUTHORITY™.
Shaving bats has been around since 2001 when a softball player named "J.R. Hayseed", from North Carolina, removed material from the inner barrel of a Miken Velocit-E Ultra. The Ultra was already a hot bat but shaving a bat on a lathe made a difference no one had ever witnessed. Word spread and within 2 seasons local softball bat shaving doctors were in business. Shaved softball bats were now headed towards mainstream men's softball.

Shaved Softball Bats

After the success of composite bats in men's slow pitch softball some composite bats were popping up in baseball around 2007-20010. They did not pick up steam for use until about 2011 when the Easton Omen came out for the first time and was debuted at the Little League World Series. Composite bats were now a must in baseball. Composite bat shaving now had also creeped its way into baseball as well. Fast pitch shaved bats soon followed suit and illegal bats popped up all around the nation's ball fields.

Shaved Bats

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