Different Types of Bat Shaving


We have recently come out with 4 levels of bat shaving services: Minimal, Normal, Aggressive, and BigDawg Spec.
This was sparked by customer requests for different percentages of bat shaving. I will go over each type and their advantages and disadvantages.
 The next level of bat shaving is used if someone is looking for a little bit more distance and pop than our normal spec. This will diminish the durability some and a sacrifice is made; the bat shaving machine takes a little more out and a little more durability is lost. This is a great choice for someone with a little slower swing speed or a normal player who wants a great homerun derby bat.
 The top tier of bat shaving service, the BigDawg Spec allows maximum distance out of your bat but the tradeoff is a less durable bat. A Big Dawg shave could last a full season or 10 swings. It is not a recommended bat shave because of the inconsistencies with a thinner barrel wall but some swings and situations warrant a Big Dawg shave so we offer it. A normal bat maybe has 1000-3000 hits of life with normal playing conditions (depending on manufacturer and using bat in above 65 degree weather) and normal bat shaving takes away about 700-1000 hits of life. The BigDawg Spec will take away about 900-1200 hits of life. You will notice that some bats are not sold with BigDawg Spec because they simply cannot handle the extreme shave. This tier of bat shaving is not meant to be used on a daily basis because of your limited amount of life with the bat. This type of bat shaving would be good for a slower swing speed, homerun derby or the occasional use. Someone who already can knock it out of the park with a stock, unaltered bat will not have much use for this bat shaving service, the bat will break a lot sooner than expected. This spec will absolutely cause a bat to break in colder weather and we ask that the bat is only used in 75 degree or higher weather and .40 cor or below balls(for slowpitch softball). A bat warmer can be used to prolong any bat's life also. A faster swing speed will crack quickly with this level of shave.
This is the specifications we have been using for years and is a great balance of durability and distance. This spec would be plenty for about 99% of the players out there. Distance gains of 30-60 feet depending on which type and model of bat is shaved. This spec is what BigDawg was built on and continues to satisfy ball players all around the nation.


BigDawg Spec:

This is a 25% reduction from our normal shave. This will increase durability while giving you a little extra pop and sweet spot. For some players this type of bat shaving service fits their swing speed perfectly. Others are looking to just energize the bat just a little for increased confidence. This is not going to increase distances by 50-60 ft but it will definitely open up your bat and the sweet spot.

Minimal 75% Shave:

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