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Purchased Shaved and Rolled Bats
Your Bat will be shaved and sent out within 2-4 business days and we also ship USPS or UPS, with 2 Day Shipping and Overnight available.

What Kinds of Bats do you Shave?

Email us and we will give you an answer to that question because some bats just cannot be shaved and we do not want you to send in a bat we cannot modify. Others will say they can shave all types of bats but in some cases you will get back an unshaved bat claiming to be shaved.

We do not shave most Aluminum or Alloy Bats.
Will my Bat(s) be Less Durable after Bat Rolling or Bat Shaving?

Bat Rolling:

Rolling takes 500-700 hits of life off your bat, but it will be broken in consistently around the barrel. Normal break in (hitting 500-700 balls)

Bat Shaving:

Shaving takes out material from the inner wall of the sweet spot of the bat, so the answer is yes. It is hard to gauge exactly how much life is taken out of the bat but based on experience it is around 1000-1500 hits (ref. A Miken Freak has about 3000-4000 hits of life out of the wrapper with no alterations)
**BigDawg recommends using a rolled or shaved bat in temperatures above 65 degrees; most manufactures recommend the same. The bat is not the problem it is the cold balls used. Elastic properties of baseballs and softballs change significantly with temperature and humidity changes.

Do you Ship to FPO/APO addresses Priority?


Is Bat Rolling and/or Bat Shaving illegal?
These bats will not be legal for use in any organized association once rolled and/or shaved. Any association including but not limited to; ASA, USSSA, ISF, ISA, NSA, SSUSA, Dixie League baseball, Pony Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, Little League, AABC , Official Baseball, Bbcor, BESR etc.,

Will Bat Rolling and/or Bat Shaving invalidate the manufacturers' warranty?

YES. The manufacturers warranty will no longer be valid after bats have been rolled and/or shaved.
No manufacturers' warranty covers an altered bat, they cannot be return to the manufacturer.

Does BigDawg Shaving have a warranty on bats sold?
We do not. All bats are sold as is.

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